We just release version 5.0 of our facial recognition API based on deeplearning techniques. Please checkout our Medium post about it.

Facial Recognition



No installation required, just start calling the Restful API for training and recognition.

GUI Interface

The on-premise version comes with an web interface that helps you set up the system in less than 5 minutes.

Face Recognition

Based on state-of-the-art method that achieves > 98% accuracy in the LFW dataset.


The API is easy to use and has a very high performance (up to 30fps).

Buy now and start using in less than 5 minutes.

Select the plan best suited to you and get your API Key in three easy steps.
  • starter
    • Calls/month 1000
    • People in DB 10
    • Images in DB 100
    • E-mail support
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  • standard
    R$ 99 /mês
    Approx. U$30/mo
    • Calls/month 10k
    • People in DB 100
    • Images in DB 1k
    • E-mail support
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  • pro
    R$ 469 /mês
    Approx. U$145/mo
    • Calls/month 100k
    • People in DB 1k
    • Images in DB 10k
    • Full customer support
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  • on premise
    Price per appliance
    • Calls/month
    • People in DB
    • Full customer support
    • Support video stream
    • Real-time performance
    • Web interface
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