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Easy to use interface

Face tracking: Passive liveness detection in real time

Check the similarity between two classes

Robust: Protects against photo and video presentation attacks

Perform custom searches on enrolled faces

Native SDK: Available for iOS and Android

Does not require internet access to work

Offline:Does not require internet access to work

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Face Liveness Strengths

Low battery consumption

Power Saving

Low battery consumption even when running locally.

Real-time analysis event in more modest smartphones


Real time analysis even in low-end smartphones.

High performance without weighting your app down


High performance without weighting your app down.


Available in multiple platforms

Compatible with iOS 8 and superior


Compatible with iOS 8 and superior

Compatible with Android 4.4 and superior


Compatible with Android 4.4 and superior

Compatible with iOS 8 and superior


Compatible with iOS 8 and superior

Compatible with Android 4.4 and superior


Compatible with Android 4.4 and superior

Face Liveness Applications

Use case
Mobile user

Improve your user authentication systems security by implementing an extra security layer. Meerkat Face Liveness helps you to spot fraud attemps using images or videos through a passive attack detection technology.

Face Liveness Applications

Clients who use our Face liveness


Face Liveness SDK
can be acquire in two
different ways

What are you looking for?

If you need to run face liveness for up to 100 devices, we recomend to use a monthly package of verifications. Above this value, its recommended that you acquire licenses per devices.

What are you looking for?
Package based on verifications
Licensing based on devices

Package based on

Monthly package Ask for a quote

The prices that Meerkat offer will differ depending on the number of monthly verifications. There are different packages and the mean price reduces with the increase of the system's usage frequency. Support and updates are included in these packages. To receive a complete quote, click on the bellow button and detail your needs.

Licensing based on

Monthly/annual license Ask for a quote

Pricing depends on the number of devices in which the SDK will be installed (within your app). We offer different leves of support, during the integration and utilization phases. To receive a complete quote, click on the bellow button and detail your needs.

Frequent Asked Questions

Liveness detection is an iOS and Android native SDK which detects microfacial expressions in order to avoid fraud attempts in facial authentication.

Our SDKs are native and run locally on the user's mobile devices. The system is able to handle a large variety of smartphones. Meerkat also provides a manual containing general information and API documentation. Our engineering team helps integrating the SDK into your software.

Yes, we provide a 20-days trial license for evaluation and implementation. We also provide documentation and email support.

It is not possible to analyze a single image. The SDK must be fed a temporal image sequence (from the device's camera) in order to be able to detect microfacial expressions.

Since the system is a native SDK, the programming language depends on the target operating system. Android applications interact with the SDK using Java, whereas iOS apps use Swift. Camera activation and handling is performed by the application, which in turn feeds the images to the SDK until it produces its final output (spoof attempt or legitimate authentication).

We've built a test dataset consisting of 264 videos produced by 10 different devices (136 bonafide videos and 128 spoof attempts) in different environments. We obtained FRR (False Rejection Rate): 35,01%, FAR (False Acceptance Rate): 27,52% e HTER (Half Total Error Rate): 31,27%.

Both iOS and Android SDKs are 40 to 50 MB (exact size depends on the device's architeture)

The SDK is able to detect other anomalies which may occur during the authentication process, such as:
- Shaking or incompatible movements. These may be an indication of recapture.
- Face size. May be adjusted to exclude faces that are too small.
- Context analysis. Surroundings analysis makes the process more robust.

It takes a few seconds for the system to detect mcrofacial expressions. This may be customized by the application in order to find a compromise between usability and safety. Typical values range from 4-15 seconds. Longer analysis provide more context, producing more accurate results. However, a very long capture process may lead to an application that is too intrusive.

The business model and connectivity. On the online version, Meerkat is able to tell how many devices are running the SDK and charge accordinging. For it to work, the device must be connected to the internet on the first SDK use. When using the offline version, no connection is made to our server and we provide an alternative pricing model.

The pricing considers platforms - Android and iOS - and license model - online or offline. The pricing for the online license takes into account the number of devices using the SDK on each platform. The offline license has a fixed price which depends on the project. Please contact us for further information.

No. Both iOS and Android SDK are developed as native libraries. You may use it in your hybrid apps, but we may not be able to provide the required technical support. Please reach out if you need to inquire about a specific framework.

When using the online license, the SDK sends activation information, such as date, time and device info, to our servers once for pricing. No extra data or images are sent to Meerkat. Nothing is sent to Meerkat if you're using the offline license.

No, as there is no system that can guarantee 100% protection against spoofing attacks. The system works best for photo attacks. For videos and masks more false-positives may arise. We recommend using it along with other security measures, such as passwords and other biometrics.

SDK Documentation

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technology and ways of integrating it into your product

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