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Most of logistics and transportation is centered on highways. These are often privately held, so companies charge fees for the use of the portions that are granted to them for care, maintenance and improvement.

Usually at billing locations companies implement gates, cameras and antennas for tag control and hands-free access.


The use of hands-free tags is a big problem for toll companies. They can't control whether a vehicle's tag has not been passed on or loaned to another, so the number of frauds / misuses of this technology can be a big financial loss. In order to reduce the problem, toll companies have set up backoffice teams responsible for comparing the images of each vehicle at the time of passing through the toll with the respective tag plate.


Using ALPR systems is the ideal solution to avoid this type of fraud and generate big savings for toll companies. There are some possible ways to use ALPR to generate these results:

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) where vehicles go through hands-free and a camera captures their license plates. Later, using ALPR on the captured images it is possible to detect if the plates are associated to a given tag. Therefore, whenever someone lend their tag the toll company will be made aware and take the required measures;
  • Hands-free with ALPR only. Instead of using tags, the toll company lets the vehicle go through according to the recognized license plate, making the process faster. An advantage is that data verification happens in real time and the system stores data for later inspection;

These are just two of many cases that the Licence Plate Recognition can bring a lot of advantages for toll companies. Also, the companies are always trying to generate data about the flow of vehicles, generate lists with some alarms and to monitoring remotely a highway and all these features can be done with the Outatime system.

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