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The number of vehicles in the world keeps increasing and with it the number of required parking spaces. This market clearly needs security and process automation for cost reduction.

In most of these parking lots we see cameras, access control barriers and ticket generation, besides RFID which is increasinly common for easily entering and leaving spaces. Most of the cameras in these environments are used for automatic information extraction. This may either imply in a high number of frauds or high costs involved in manually checking.


Acquiring and installing RFID tags detection hardware for entering and leaving a parking space conveniently is efficient but at a high cost, hidering the spread of this access control and payment technology. Additionally, buying the tag is on the user and the technology allows for the same tag to be used in different vehicles, facilitating frauds. Using cameras for access control allows for easier inclusion of users in the platform, since a license plate is something that every vehicle already has.

Another feature that most systems currently in place do not provide is a vast amount of data that can be compiled into actionable information, such as controlling the flow of vehicles, and images that increase security.


Parking companies which choose to have equipment to support the access control process mostly place cameras next to barriers and tag antenas.

Employing an ALPR system such as Meerkat's, parking companies could do much more for their clients while also improving company management:

  • Events Management: everytime Meerkat's system detects a license plate, it stores the recognized image, along with data such as date and time, camera and OCR with confidence level;
  • List Creation: Outatime allows the user to create license plate lists. For example, in an apartment complex it is possible to list all the resident's vehicles license plates. It is also possible to define black/whitelists.
  • Alarm Triggering: using lists and events it is possible to configure alarms. If you have vehicles that are allowed only during a period of the day and this rule is not being followed, the system warns via e-mail or webhook so that appropriate measures can be taken;
  • Analytics: using events you can compile data generated daily in a parking lot. You can monitor the daily flow and look for variations along hours, days or months;

Lastly, ALPR is also much more scalable and cheaper than RFID tag systems, while supporting low-cost on premise hardware.

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