Mobile check deposit using OCR | Meerkat


In spite of general perception that check usage is very low, there is a considerable percentage of account holders (about 8%) who still use checks regulary.

Aiming at reducing costs and optimizing processes, banks started to invest in tools for check deposit via apps. This change is aligned with the digital transformation the banking market is going through, with financial operations increasinly being performed using smartphones and bank branches closing.


There are a few solutions that seek to solve check reading for automatic check deposit and clearing. However, these solutions present several limitations including:

  • Low assertiveness;
  • High response time;
  • Hight-bandwidth internet connection required;
  • Non flexible setup required;
  • High prices;

These factors make it difficult for financial institutions to trust the implementation of this kind of technology for check clearing.


Meerkat has a custom OCR algorithm based on Deep Learning. It was trained specifically for check reading in a database containing thousands of checks in different contexts. State-of-the-art methods along with high data variability allowed for the development of a solution that is able to overcome challenges regarding assertiveness in different contexts, without requiring a fixed setup.

Meerkat provides technology for mobile check reading that can be used in various applications.

Our algorithm has 98% assertiveness when reading the CMC7 field, which has all the crucial information for identifying a check's origin and allow check clearing, regardless of the check's surrounding context.

Since detecting and reading the check takes only a few seconds, the check clearing process can be faster and more user friendly.

Meerkat implemented its check reading software as a mobile SDK, so that any person at any place can go through the process of check clearing without having to go to a bank branch or needing a high-speed mobile internet connection.

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