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Digital Transformation is one of the most recurring topics for fintechs, banking and insurance companies, among others. It means adapting and evolving relationships with clients and also reducing and qualifying business processes.

With the emergence of digital platforms and services, processes that used to happen face-to-face are now performed via mobile apps and websites. Process automation and bureaucracy reduction have been implemented in markets as diverse as insurance, telecommunications and logistics.


One of the main client relationship processes that is changing is user registration. Nowadays the process is as easy as snapping a picture of the ID and taking a selfie. However, in many cases, the improvement is only in user experience. The company still needs a backoffice to analyze images.

Requiring manual inspection may have a negative impact, both due to the costs of keeping a backoffice and the delay of manually processing documents provided by the user.


There are technologies capable of completely automating user onboarding. Meerkat develops the following:

  • Quality Assessment: allows imediate feedback to users about document image quality. If there is blur or reflections that makes the document unreadable, a new image is requested;
  • Document detection: automaticaly detects a document's type, e.g. ID or driver's license, and its orientation. That way, user experience is much more streamlined;
  • Proof of Address Validation: matches input data such as name, adress and date, to the provided proof of address document;
  • Facial Verification: matches the face in a given identification document to a selfie, making sure the person enrolling is the one on the document;

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