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Facial Recognition is a technology based on face detection and feature extraction aiming at producing unique identities. Everytime an enrolled person shows up in front of a camera, the stored identity will be matched.

Highly competitive, the access control market is going through digital transformation. New tecnhnologies are being used to reduce costs, speed up the process and increase people's security.


When talking about security in commercial and residential spaces, access control arises as one of the main factors that contribute to residents' peace of mind. Besides that, keys, badges and similar devices do not guarantee a secure process.

Simply inspecting documents is not very reliable to define who is authorized to enter a place. Bringing user experience and safety together is one of the main challenges in access control.


In order to solve their needs and increase clients' security, companies have been contacting Meerkat to use our Facial Recognition API, frAPI.

Meerkat's solution recognizes people enrolled in the system, having numerous advantages when used to manage spaces:

  • Event management: everytime Meerkat's system recognizes a person, it saves an image, date and time, camera and name of the recognized individual.
  • Unknown People: the system is also able to compile data on people not currently enrolled (unknown), useful for people counting and making enrollment easier;
  • Alarm triggering: you can create lists of people and configure alarms. For example, if you have a list of unauthorized people, whenever a person in that list tries to access a given space an alarm is triggered.

All these features are available in frAPI and can be easily integrated with other systems and access control hardware. In addition, Meerkat's system doesn't required lots of computational power, being able to run in modest hardware and edge computing.

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