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In the last few years the increase of processing power in computers and smartphones allowed for the use of augmented reality in various applications such as marketing, engineering and medicine. In marketing, augmented reality made the creation of campaigns focused on direct interaction between clients, products and brands possible.

Augmented Reality generates highly technological interactions, increasing the brand's value and offering experiences that end up becoming viral for audiences that care about technology. Big players such as Coca-Cola, Nike, among others, already used AR for highly effective marketing campaigns.


In 2017, Nissin was one of the main sponsors of the Rock in Rio music festival. In the festival one of the products being sold was the famous Cup Noodles. Considering the music festival vibe the company decided to develop, together with Dentsu and Meerkat, a market campaign focused on interactivity.


Using object and logo detection technologies developed by our engineering team and working with Dentsu, a publicity agency, we turned Cup Noodles into musical instruments. The platform called Cup Band was developed to integrate marketing actions during the festival. Watch the video:

Instead of requiring hardware with high processing power, we chose to implement a solution that runs on web browsers and communicates with a Computer Vision engine based on the cloud. That way, there is no need for installing an app or having a high-end smartphone, it's only a matter of accessing the web site directly using the web browser.

Cupband allowed consumers to produce a musical composition using Cup Noodles products. When captured by a phone or webcam, each flavor enabled a different musical instrument, using Meerkat's object and logo detection engine. The users had an extra incentive to try new flavors and thus use other instruments. After finishing their music, users could share it on social networks increasing engagement.

Our system can also use 3D animation native tools such as ARKit and ARCore. This enables a richer and fun interaction. See below the video with augmented instruments and a dancing Elvis:

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