Specialized in research and development of intelligent solutions in the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Here, we implement great ideas into large scale projects.

More than ten years experienced professionals in Computer Vision with strong academic background in the best universities.

We close the gap between Academic Research and the Market implementing the latest solutions in the field.

We aim to deliver with perfection our solutions, with the highest performance and scalability.


Facial recognition

Detect faces and identify people in the scene with an accuracy larger than 98%.

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Logo detection

Detect logos and analyze your brand in social media photos using Deep Learning.

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Plate recognition

Image analysis and OCR of vehicles trained specifically for a country. Access provided trough a Rest API.

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Face Liveness

Android/C++ SDK to detect frauds attempts for recognition systems with printed photos.

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People counter

Know how many people are entering and exiting the scene during a given period.


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We are highly Specialized in Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Web Development. Our work bring together the best of two worlds: the latest research in the field of Computer Vision and the best web technologies.

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